TV Show: 60 Seconds To Sell on A&E

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If you’re wondering why there’s a break in content, it’s because we began filming a Reality TV show around my real estate company, The Griffin Realty Group.

The show, 60 Seconds to Sell is currently airing on A&E.

We filmed 7 episodes from January to June which required a massive commitment of time and something had to give.

I look forward to returning and providing you all helpful Magnetic Mindset content!

Monday Motivation – Breakthrough – Danny Griffin

Motivation by Mind Set Expert and Real Estate Agent Coach Danny Griffin

…I’m on the breakthrough treadmill…

You too can have a breakthrough, the guru cries! Sounds great! I want one, but wait, what is a breakthrough and how do you know when you have one? Furthermore, when you have that breakthrough, what are you supposed to do with it?

Well this week I had the privilege of leading a group of driven real estate agents who are constantly in pursuit of the next breakthrough. As a fellow real estate agent, I empathize feeling as if I’m on the breakthrough treadmill, always in pursuit of what’s next.

I know it seems to be a crazy, endless pursuit of what might indeed not be a one time event, rather a constant challenge as we fall backwards and look for a way to breakthrough forwards again.

…why do we witness such a disparity…

However, this week I think I witnessed several very real personal breakthroughs. As a coach and trainer, I find myself spending many hours on logistical topics that include strategies for marketing, follow up and measurement systems. Although it’s often difficult to discover the answers on how to complete certain tasks, implementation is rather straightforward and I dare say easy.

However, if that’s the case, then why do we witness such a disparity in the results? Well of course it’s because the major variable is that there’s a human being operating the system. It’s that human who carries the complexities of their mind set into the business and greatly effecting the outcome.

Many people would over simplify by saying it’s simply the people that want it the most that will be successful, but I don’t agree. I’ve seen many dedicated, hard-working people get paralyzed or run diligently in circles. Why?

Danny Griffin – Monday Motivation – The Story We Tell Ourselves

Motivation by Mind Set Expert and Real Estate Agent Coach Danny Griffin

…after he’s accused of murdering his classmate…

I just finished reading a great novel called Defending Jacob. It’s the story of Andy Barber, a District Attorney and father, who goes to great lengths to protect his son Jacob after he’s accused of murdering his classmate. The book is written entirely from Andy’s perspective as he tells the reader what happened. However, the real journey takes the reader through the thoughts and emotions Andy experiences along the way.

The twists in the book are brilliant, to the point that I experienced goose bumps several times as I hoped that the kid was innocent. Going from relieved to shocked and then blown away, I wondered why the book was able to have that type of impact. Sure, the obvious is that, as a father, I felt the pain of both families and wanted for it to have never happened, but there was something deeper.

…Andy compromised himself…

By the end of the book it was more obvious to me. It was the story that Andy had told himself. Here was a District Attorney who had prosecuted many cases and who was suddenly thrown into a tailspin when the case involved his own son. You’ll have to read the book to experience your own ride, however, suffice to say that Andy compromised himself professionally.

Now I’ve know about the law of commitment for years, but this book highlighted how difficult it can render your life in all things great or small. Simply put, the law of commitment shows us that once we make a decision about something, we look only for the corroborating evidence. Anything that doesn’t support our foregone conclusion is eliminated.

Danny Griffin – Monday Motivation – When to Move On?

Motivation by Mind Set Expert and Real Estate Agent Coach Danny Griffin

“…it all starts with admitting the mistake.”

One part of life that you’ll never avoid is making mistakes. It’s part of the human condition to make decisions constantly. As a result we get a lot of them wrong. How do we know they’re wrong? Who tells us that we’re wrong? Suffice to say, we just simply know it.

But, now what?

What do you do when you realize that you’ve made a bad decision? How do you make it right? Well it all starts with admitting the mistake. Have you ever heard somebody say that they know somebody who’s in denial. Maybe you’ve even been the person that’s done the noticing. If you haven’t ever considered this, then you might be that person.

When somebody’s in a state of denial, rest assured they’re living in some serious pain. It’s not like it’s easy to exist in that state. By definition, they have to constantly lie to themselves and stay on the run from the truth. The deeper they become locked in that spiral, the more they deny the deeper they dig themselves into the hole. What was once a simple divet in the grass that they could have stepped out of, is now the equivalent of a bottomless pit.

“…just accept it.”

So here we are back to the decision point. What if you’re the one locked into a tragic dance with that type of a person? What I’ve learned is that the first step is to admit to yourself that you’ve made a mistake; just accept it.

Danny Griffin – Monday Motivation – Are You Right?

Motivation by Mind Set Expert and Real Estate Agent Coach Danny Griffin

“there’s certainly a mind and body change..”

Why do we feel so upset when we don’t get it right? What really happens inside of us at the moment when we realize that we screwed something up? Is there a flood of embarrassment that causes us to retreat? Is there a wave of testosterone that raises the hair on our neck as we prepare to defend what we’ve done?

Whichever reaction we feel, there’s certainly a mind and body change that takes place making us angry, sad and hurt. Approaching it logically, some people have the ability to look at mistakes as just that and not over react emotionally. They don’t seem to suffer the same pain as others. How do they do that? I want to know.

“Who decides what’s good and evil?”

So let’s look at the root of what defines “being wrong.” Recently, I went back to a simple study of Ben Franklin’s pursuit of living a more virtuous life and how he would grade himself against a list of virtues each day. While it’s certainly a great endeavor, I found myself questioning who made up the list of virtues to begin with and what are they based on. Ultimately, the list was founded upon the concept of moral excellence, good versus evil.

Well now, didn’t that just open up a can of worms! Who decides what’s good and evil? Who makes that list? You know that everybody has an opinion on that topic and I’m sure they all want to be right. So there’s the dilemma. No matter where you look, everybody has an opinion on what’s right or wrong, good or evil. While you can certainly say that there does seem to be a consensus on some topics of what’s right and wrong, I’ll challenge you to find anything we all agree on perfectly.

Danny Griffin – Monday Motivation – Really Humble?

Motivation by Mind Set Expert and Real Estate Agent Coach Danny Griffin

Pump You Up

Why are we so insecure? Why does it seem so difficult to be humble? Why do we work so hard to pump up our egos?  Why do so many of us put such a high price on fame, money, success? Why does any of it really matter? Aren’t we all after that state of enlightenment when we transcend all of this life’s trivial pursuits? Isn’t that the highest state of being?

There’s a nice ring to the idea of being able to live in a state of peace and not want for anything, but unless you’re tucked away in a monastery in a remote, self-sufficient location, you’re probably stuck trying to ascend to at least a less pressured lifestyle. However, that still begs the question of how to get there.

Perhaps you’ll need a new set of skills. Maybe you’ll need a new perspective.

Franklin’s Virtues

What I’ve come to realize during my personal pursuit is that you’ll certainly be well served if you can focus on improving upon the virtues that guide your life. I remember reading about Ben Franklin’s list of virtues that he aspired to each day. He would actually come home each day and grade himself based on his performance against that standard.

History praises the virtuous or at least those that we believe were in pursuit of becoming better people. While virtues can be debated, they all find roots in the concept of a moral excellence; the difference between good and evil.

Danny Griffin – Monday Motivation – Habit Hole!

Motivation by Mind Set Expert and Real Estate Agent Coach Danny Griffin

Dad’s Allowance

Stuck in 4th of July traffic, I turned on the audio book version of Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success to listen, once again, to the excellent chapter on the Habit of Saving. Such a simple, straightforward look at a habit that can change the course of anybody’s life. If my kids only new how important the lesson is that I’ve been teaching them since they first asked for the change out of my “Dad’s Allowance” jar.

Now, although I’m preaching this today, I certainly have been like many people that have lacked the true habit of consistently saving a portion of their earnings. I have my ups when I saved a huge portion and then downs when I risked it all away in the blink of an eye.

In the chapter, Hill highlights how so many of us chase our money away on variety of alternatives, such as entertainment. When you think about that category, you start to realize how the cost of entertaining yourself has gone sky high. Just go try to buy a couple of tickets to a professional sports game or a simple dinner out; no wonder why people are in such debt.

The Fallen

So coming back to habits, I wondered how we have fallen into the hole. There are certainly those who’ve fallen off the edge and have squandered it all on drugs and alcohol, but what about many others who simply justify entertainment as the reward for “killing themselves” at work all week.

Danny Griffin – Monday Motivation – Too Emotional?

Motivation by Mind Set Expert and Real Estate Agent Coach Danny Griffin

Emotional Teenagers

As the father of 5 kids, 3 of those girls and 2 of those “teenage girls”, I’m calling myself qualified to talk about emotions. After all, who needs an alarm clock when you can count on a daily, emotional blowout regarding whose skirt that belongs to or why that certain shirt has suddenly disappeared.

While I suppose it’s all part of the rite of passage for a father, it still makes me think about the fallout from an overly emotional reaction to anything. As a real estate broker and a real estate agent coach, I’m keenly aware of emotions run wild. Buying or selling a piece of real estate, especially a primary residence, can take the most savvy of business people and turn them into an emotional train wreck and it’s my job to clean up the mess.

School Ride

So I started thinking about my own emotions and wondered whether or not I’m able to keep them in check; however, that begs the question, what does emotional control look like. I thought back to a car ride a when I was a teenager as my father took me and my friend Danny Harding home from school one day.

Now suffice to say, it’s no big surprise to those of you that know me that I’m primarily an emotional, passionate person who tends towards the enthusiastic end of the spectrum. So with that scene set, I was in the car rambling on and on while Harding just sat back quietly, I supposed out of respect to the fact that an adult was present. His controlled, quiet demeanor was powerful. Here sat a kid in complete control of his emotions, while I ran wild with mine.

Danny Griffin – Monday Motivation – Do You Remember?

Motivation by Mind Set Expert and Real Estate Agent Coach Danny Griffin

Today marks the last Monday in May, which in the United States is a federal holiday called Memorial Day. On this day Americans take pause to remember all of those that lost their lives while serving in the military. The tradition traces back to the end of the Civil War, which made me think.

For Americans, the Civil War is a very tough spot in history that to this very day has deep emotions attached to it. It’s a time when we fought against each other. You could certainly look to many issues as the cause, but none more polarizing than slavery, which served as the foundation of the American South’s economic system.

Simply put, it’s perhaps one of the darkest times in American history; brother against brother. It’s estimated that over 625,000 soldiers were killed and an uncertain number of civilian casualties on top of that. This ranks well above any other loss of life in an American war.

After the Civil War ended, there began the tradition of Decoration Day, later known as Memorial Day. A time to remember what had happened. A day to get together to visit the graves of the lost and honor them by decorating their final resting spots with flowers and the American flag.

Memorial Day has even proliferated the “potluck” dinner; all spread out on the ground as people gathered to rekindle relationships in the name of those they had lost.

This all made me wonder.

Today when modern Americans think of Memorial Day, do they really remember? It’s not a judgment, rather a simple thought. We all get excited for Memorial Day, because it marks the unofficial beginning of the summer vacation season. For many retailers, it’s the welcomed influx of the business they’ve been waiting for over the long winter months.

Danny Griffin – Monday Motivation – Like Mike?

Motivation by Mind Set Expert and Real Estate Agent Coach Danny Griffin

“Sometimes I dream that he is me!” Remember that one? I wanna be like Mike…Michael Jordan that is. Mike was at the top of the basketball world. He did things that seemed humanly impossible. He stretched the way people thought about his sport. He was a champion.

For many, Mike was a hero, their hero. So many people felt that way, that an ingenious marketing team captured lightning in a bottle and crafted one of the most memorable ad campaigns ever.

The other night, I was going through my Twitter feed and a title written by @xij jumped off the screen: Being Yourself in a World Obsessed with Trying to Change You. This hit me right between the eyes as I’ve dedicated my life to helping people find their unique voice.

Spending so much time in and around the guru space, I see the obsession that @xij was referencing. As I watch webinar after YouTube video trying to learn, I find it more cumbersome then ever to sift through the hypnotic nonsense.

A friend of mine put it well when he said that anybody with a computer and an opinion can become a self-proclaimed expert. Even with all of the social media police and public forums, it’s still easy for false prophets to grab an audience.

Now most people won’t do or are just too busy to do their homework, so they’ll take all of the advice to heart. The danger is that too much of it seeks to highlight what’s wrong with us and how the fix is only a click away.